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    *Volusia Flagler SHRM is a 100% membership chapter, which means you must also be a member of the national SHRM organization ( In order to join you will be required to enter your National SHRM email address for auditing purposes.



    A La Carte Pricing - We will begin to charge a nominal fee to attend monthly chapter meetings whether attendance is in-person or virtual.  Regular monthly meetings - generally those events on the third Wednesday of the month - will cost $15 to attend if you are a SHRM National member, who has elected our chapter as your home chapter, and $20 to attend if you are not a SHRM National Member.  

    For our quarterly meetings (March, June, October) which are 1/2 day events (incl. breakfast), we will charge $25 for individuals who are SHRM National members who have indicated they are members of the V/F SHRM chapter and $35 for those who have not. 

    All Access Pricing - If you are a SHRM National member and you have indicated that you are a member of the V/F SHRM chapter on your SHRM National profile, you may elect an option to enroll in our All Access Fee.  For 2022, we have set the fee at $120.00.  If you are enrolled in the All Access option you will not have to pay for individual monthly or quarterly program costs - a significant savings! We will run this campaign only from December 15, 2021 to February 28th, 2022.  

    Enterprise All Access Pricing - A one-time $300.00 fee paid for by an organization allowing multiple employees to attend.  There is a requirement that the subscribing member of the organization must be a SHRM National member and must have indicated they are a member of the V/F SHRM chapter on their SHRM National profile.  That individual’s organization may send an unlimited number of attendees to our regular monthly meetings and may send up to five (5) of its employees to a quarterly 1/2 day meeting. 


    For questions please email for a prompt response.